Ocean Aged Grande Cuvée Brut – Rosé


Our Ocean Aged Sparkling Wine was inspired by the salvaged champagne bottles from various shipwrecks that kept decades-old champagne in perfect condition.

In 2022, we had a sea-worthy cage built by a local boat builder to submerge these one of a kind Sparkling Wines. We aged our premium 2019 Grande Cuvée line on land for 2 years, then took 24 bottles of our Rosé and 24 bottles of our Blanc de Blancs and put them in their custom cage then sent to the bottom of the Salish Sea. The bottles were wax sealed and resting Sur Lie (lees from secondary fermentation) which enhances aging for these special sparkling wines.

Over the next two years, the 48 bottles will experience a cold and dark environment with slight, constant movement and active sea life surrounding them. In 2024, we will retrieve our cage with a local scuba diver.

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