Ocean Aged Sparkling Wine

We sunk 50 bottles of our Grand Cuvee Rosé and Blanc de Blancs into the Salish Sea in 2020. These wines were sunk in an area to take advantage of the dark and cold ocean with the slight constant movement of the rolling tides. The bottles were wax sealed and resting Sur Lie (lees from secondary fermentation) which enhances ageing for these special sparkling wines. After we raise the bottles from the ocean floor we will disgorge, cork and cage and they will be ready to be enjoyed. The bottles will be left in the ocean for 1-5+ years with only a select amount released each year.

We are compiling a list for those who are interested in purchasing once they are ready. Please email us directly at sparks@invinity.ca if you would like to be added to the list.


2021 –

2021 Grande Cuvée Brute – Rosé 

– First Release Summer 2021

2021 Grande Cuvée Brute – Blanc De Blancs

– First Release Summer 2021